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MBH Performing Arts Centre

Purpose built with flexible use




Montrose Bay, Tas

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February 2011

This modern auditorium seats 350 people. A large amount of the seating retracts away from the stage so the floor space can be used for other activities. The space has excellent acoustics and has state of the art audio visual systems. Adjacent dance & drama studio share the auditorium back space, props and storage mezzanine via large acoustic sliding doors. The foyer also a teaching space with a retractable ticket booth, all combining to create a truly flexible learning space.

All the water off the roof of the PAC (Performing Arts Centre) is recycled and stored under the slab to be used for flushing toilets and watering gardens. The building uses a combination of gas heated hydronic & HVAC building conditioning systems. This provides the energy for an auditorium displacement air system. The green room is linked to the PAC and provides toilets and space for performers to prepare for shows. This area can also be used by the music department as teaching space.

All the new buildings at Montrose Bay use a centralised BMS to control the building services. This ties into a weather station and helps the school monitor and understand its costs or tweak the system to work in the most energy efficient way. 

  • The auditorium is heated and cooled through a displacement air system.
  • All areas of the PAC are designed to be multi-purpose, housing lessons for dance, art, drama, music and assemblies.

Photos: Jonathan Wherrett

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